Agile Dream Team's UI/UX services cover all aspects of design. We assist with everything from user research and prototyping to testing and documentation.

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Agile Dream Team covers all aspects of UI/UX design

Agile Dream Team offers comprehensive UI/UX design services. We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether it's visual elements, wireframing, testing, or user flows, we have you covered. Our expertise allows us to ensure our front-end work functions with the rest of your tech stack.


Our UI/UX services

  • Picture Redesign products

    Our UI/UX services excel in revitalizing existing products. Our experts align them with current design standards and user expectations. With in-depth user research, we identify pain points and areas for improvement. These insights guide our product redesign efforts.

  • Apps add Cross-platform experiences design

    Many clients need a uniform look for their applications on all OSs and platforms. These qualities are essential for user engagement, branding, and trust. Our team excels at creating consistent user experiences for different devices. We are experts in responsive and adaptive design. And, we test for consistent UX on desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

  • User headset UI and UX consulting

    Our UI/UX consulting services deliver guidance during the design and development process. We collaborate with your team, defining design strategies and offering feedback. We can offer guidance on the use of Agile methods. With these approaches, your team will improve efficiency and ensure quality.

  • Phone Mobile app UX and UI design services

    Our front-end mobile teams specialize in creating user-friendly and appealing app designs. Our team understands the challenges of mobile. Also, we can handle issues related to variable screen sizes and operating systems. We focus on mobile-first design and use extensive testing and prototyping. With each step in our Agile-guided design process, we ensure quality. We always strive to your specific guidelines.


Benefits of our UI/UX services

  • Group
    Improved user

    Our UI/UX development services focus on creating intuitive interfaces. We start by researching user behavior and preferences. Then, we craft front-end designs to optimize user journeys. This researchbased approach leads to higher satisfaction rates. It simplifies the job of building long-term customer relationships.

  • Union
    Higher user

    Thoughtfully designed user interfaces and experiences keep users engaged and invested in your platform. This leads to increased conversions, interactions, and better performance in critical KPIs. We rely on rounds of testing and data-driving design processes to help you get these results.

  • Piggy bank
    Reduced development time and costs

    Investing in professional UI/UX development services saves time and money. Thorough user research and usability testing identify issues before full development. We take these steps to avoid costly redesigns. Also, we use experts to handle specific aspects of each project. These specialists deliver more precise designs than UI/UX generalists.

  • Multiplatform
    Cross-platform compatibility

    Our professional UI/UX designers consider devices and operating systems. We perform exhaustive testing to ensure a consistent and responsive experience. Our goal is for every user to have the same experience regardless of platform and OS.


Why companies choose Agile Dream Team
for UI/UX development services

  • Group
    Proven expertise in user-centric design

    Agile Dream Team excels in understanding user behavior. We deliver intuitive interfaces to lower learning curves and drive engagement. With prototyping and testing, the results are the same on all platforms.

  • Bulb
    Creative approach

    Agile Dream Team uses tools like Adobe XD and Figma to make visually appealing sites. We balance this creativity with usability testing and information architecture. This dual approach ensures your product stands out from competitors.

  • Config
    Efficient Agile approaches

    We use Agile methodologies like Scrum and XP for rapid development and improvements. Agile uses short sprints, providing many opportunities for updates and client feedback. This frequent collaboration leads to results aligned with your vision.

  • List

    Agile Dream Team values transparency. We make clear plans and share them. After each communication, we offer the chance for feedback and changes if needed. This client-centric collaboration helps you get the results you want.


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Technologies we use

  • Trello Agile Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and XP
  • Figma Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, InVision, and Axure RP
  • Jira Jira, Confluence, and Google Suite
  • React JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue.js) and Bootstrap
    • Maze Maze and Lookback
    • Axe Axe and WAVE for accessibility testing
    • GIT Version control systems like Git

    Industries we serve

    Technology & Startups:

    UI/UX development is critical for startups to create user-friendly interfaces. Intuitive designs increase user adoption rates and customer satisfaction. They can also help in differentiating startups and driving user acquisition for your company.

    Media & Telecommunications:

    Good UI/UX design on media and telecom platforms spurs engagement. Enhanced navigation and personalized interactions create a platform that inspires more brand loyalty.


    UI/UX development in e-commerce creates user-friendly online stores. Clear product displays and seamless checkout processes improve the shopping experience.


    Retailers rely on features to manage inventory, visualize data, and track activity. Intuitive interfaces limit the learning curve for employees and streamline access to data.

    Financial Services:

    Financial services companies often take extra steps during UI/UX design. They need to ensure the data entered is secure. Also, users need to be able to access personal information without exposing it to others. Our teams are well-versed in balancing security and user experience.

    Fintech Software Development:

    Competition in the fintech space requires cutting-edge tools. UI/UX designers are responsible for making different features accessible and usable. This involves careful testing and collaboration with backend developers.


    Healthcare software needs interfaces that providers and patients can use without confusion. Cross-platform functionality is especially important for front-end healthcare development. We also consider privacy regulations like HIPAA during the design phase.

    Custom Healthcare Development:

    Healthcare apps need both security and intuitive user interfaces. UX developers need to ensure data from different sources looks the same on the UI.

    Healthcare App Development:

    Patient-facing healthcare tools need easy-to-understand interfaces. They also have to account for other factors, including adherence to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guidelines.

    Life Sciences:

    Researchers need full-featured dashboards to find, organize, and visualize data. These interfaces may need specific traits and features. The requirements vary depending on the industry and type of research.


    Energy companies have employee-facing and customer-facing software and apps. Our teams understand the UI/UX requirements for these different applications. We can design and test for use in the field or in customers' homes, depending on your needs.

    Oil & Gas:

    Oil and gas companies use software for analytics and to track equipment and activity. Interfaces need to organize information so companies can make quick decisions.


    Our streamlined process for UI/UX design services

    • Analyse
      Discovery and research

      We identify your goals and audience. Also, our designers identify relevant market trends to help tailor the design strategy. If needed, we can conduct research to learn the needs and expectations of users.

    • Service
      Wireframing and prototyping

      Detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes map out user journeys. Designs can test and identify potential issues early. This early testing ensures better quality for the end product.

    • Plan
      UI design and development

      Our expert UI designers create interfaces. Meanwhile, developers write and test front-end code and focus on responsiveness and compatibility. This step often includes rounds of testing to ensure each layer is bug-free.

    • Testing
      UX testing and refinement

      User testing and feedback guide changes during development. A/B testing and usability studies can provide data to inform improvement decisions.

    • Cloud
      Implementation and integration

      Our experts then integrate fully tested designs into existing systems. One final round of testing and debugging ensures the UI/UX designs work with the rest of your tech stack.

    • UI
      Post-launch support and optimization

      Our teams give support based on feedback and changes. We perform updates to add new features and fix security or compatibility issues.


    Our achievements

    Our UI/UX designs have earned praise from clients and industry insiders.
    Our other experts have also received recognition for their work. Here is a look at our awards and recognition:

    • Certificate - SAFe 6 Product Owner Product Manager
    • Certificate - SAFe® 5 Agilist
    • Certificate  SAFe® Release Train Enginee
    • Certificate - IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking - Practitioner
    • Certificate - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
    • Certificate - Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster
    • Partner logo - Scaled Agile, Inc - Scaled agile partner - Bronze

    Get in touch

    Agile Dream Team offers support for your UI/UX design projects. We offer help with specific aspects of design and testing. Also, we can also handle comprehensive, end-to-end UI/UX design.

    Use our callback form to contact us about your needs. We will respond to let you know exactly how we can help.

    Get in touch

    Agile Dream Team offers support for your UI/UX design projects. We offer help with specific aspects of design and testing. Also, we can also handle comprehensive, end-to-end UI/UX design.

    Use our callback form to contact us about your needs. We will respond to let you know exactly how we can help.

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      • What's the difference between UI and UX design?

        UI design deals with the look of a product. It includes visual elements like buttons, layouts, and graphics. UX design focuses on the user journey and usability. It also deals with how users interact with the product to achieve their goals.

      • What is the design process for UI/UX?

        The design process includes stages like user research, wireframing, and prototyping. At Agile Dream Team, we also cover visual design, usability testing, and iteration.

      • How do UI/UX designers ensure accessibility?

        UI/UX designers ensure accessibility by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Agile Dream Team designs with accessibility in mind. We account for variables like color contrast, alt text, and keyboard navigation.

      • How can I measure the success of a UI/UX design project?

        Success gets measured through metrics like user satisfaction and conversion rates. Depending on the project, indicators like user engagement can also provide insights.

      • What is a prototype in UI/UX design?

        A prototype is a preliminary model. It simulates functionality and interactions like a finished product. It's used for testing before the final product gets developed, validating the initial design ideas and highlighting areas that need changes.

      • What are some common usability issues that user testing can uncover?

        User testing can show issues such as confusing navigation or bad instructions. It can also reveal slow load times and other fundamental problems. It also highlights accessibility problems and issues with layout and content organization.