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Our team uses Agile methodologies to manage all aspects of full-stack development, from UX/UI to business logic and application workflow.

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full-stack projects

We use our roster of 200+ professionals to handle every aspect of your full-stack development project. Our teams include experts in all types of tools and frameworks like Node.js Development, RapidJS, Full Stack, Express, MongoDB, AngularJS Development, React, jQuery, and more. With these skills, our full-stack development company can build excellent web applications for your business.


Full-stack development services we provide

  • Widget End-to-end full-stack development

    Our team handles all aspects of full-stack development, from ideation and planning through development, testing, and deployment or product launch. We can also use our expertise to address maintenance and update needs throughout the product life cycle.

  • Data migration Full-stack migration and porting

    We can help you migrate your software or applications from one tech stack to another. During this process, we use our skills to maintain data integrity, UX/UI design, and full functionality. Also, we provide full documentation to help you maintain and update your system.

  • Group Full-stack CMS development

    Our full-stack content management system development services handle everything from templates and themes to client- and server-side logic and API development.

  • Phone Full-stack mobile app development

    Our team can work with Android, iOS, and crossplatform projects. From UI framework to database management and API development, we cover every aspect of development. Then, we integrate the front and back ends of the application.

  • AI Chip AI/ML implementation

    Our full-stack development team includes AI/ML experts. They master the integration of these advanced technologies to create customized tools for deep learning, NLP, computer vision, generative AI, and automation.

  • Elements

How you benefit from full-stack development services

  • Piggy bank

    Cost-effective development: There's an extra cost when employing different experts to develop and maintain client- and server-side elements. A full-stack development team puts these services in one package, reducing your overall development budget.

  • Group

    Efficiency: A full-stack development team integrates all components as they work. We use Agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, and XP to test how client and server sides work independently and with each other during each stage of development. As a result, you get the best results in the minimum amount of time.

  • Apps empty

    Full functionality: Full-stack developers have a holistic approach to projects. They streamline your entire technology stack and ensure that each component works efficiently and effectively with the others. With this approach, they can avoid integration issues and other problems occurring when different services work on the client and server sides of a project.

  • Union

    Access to the best technologies: Our teams are experts in Node.js, Java, and Python. We use infrastructure tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet, and we have the expertise to integrate blockchain and AI technologies. In short, we can deliver the technologies you need for optimal performance.


Why companies choose Agile Dream Team
for full-stack development

  • Group
    A diverse skill set

    Our team of 200+ specialists can work with coding languages, frameworks, and development environments needed to create the applications, programs, or tech tools you require to push your business forward to the future. You won't have to hire another service, even if you want advanced blockchain, machine learning, or automation tools.

  • Layout
    Customized methodologies

    Our team has mastered Agile methods like Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe. We can select the best one for your needs or create a hybrid to address the specific challenges of your project.

  • Config
    Personalized services

    We start each client relationship by assessing your needs and building a customized plan to meet them. We can then deploy the professionals and technology needed to get the job done quickly and according to your budget.

  • List
    A client-first approach

    Agile methodologies foster a customer-centered development process. These approaches consist of short sprints with realistic benchmarks, allowing us to make adjustments as needed. We include customer feedback, testing, and other factors in these decisions. Even though full-stack covers all aspects of your application, you will have ongoing input about the elements that go into the final result.


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Technologies we use

We have technologies for each aspect of a full-stack development project.

  • Figma UI design software like Adobe XD and Figma
  • React ReactJS
  • Swift Coding languages like Java, Swift, XML, TypeScript, and Python
  • Jest Testing tools like MochaJS, Jest, Jasmine, Karma, Puppeteer (Node Library), and NightwatchJS
  • DevOps DevOps tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Ansible
    • Trello Agile methodologies, including Agile Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe
    • Jira Project management tools like Jira, Confluence, and Google Suite
    • GIT Django, Hibernate, and Node.j
    • React AWS, Azure, and GCP for cloud integrations
    • LMMS LMMS and OpenAI

    Industries we serve

    Media & Telecommunications:

    Data analytics, AI, and CMS systems are essential for media and telecom companies. Full-stack development ensures the integration of these server-side elements with user-facing interfaces.

    Technology & Startups:

    Comprehensive development ensures each element of your tech stack supports the larger system, boosting efficiency and performance.


    Full-stack developers build complex e-commerce platforms with diverse features, from shopping carts and payment processing to AI-powered recommendations and personalized marketing.


    Retailers often need a wide range of functions, from CRM software to inventory tracking. Full-stack developers can integrate these features into a platform for convenient operations management.

    Financial Services:

    Financial services require functionality from their software, but they also need to meet security requirements. Full-stack developers incorporate these different components into a single platform/

    Fintech Software Development:

    Our full-stack specialists create advanced fintech tools. We add machine learning, AI-powered analytics, and automation to your high-tech finance products.


    Our developers have the skills to handle UI and back-end development for everything from EHR platforms to AI-powered diagnostic software. We can also integrate features necessary for compliance with rules like HIPAA.

    Custom Healthcare Development:

    Medical software often requires specific features for data collection, user interfaces, and privacy. We can cover every aspect of these projects, ensuring full functionality and legal compliance.

    Life Sciences:

    Researchers need systems that can collect and visualize data from various sources, including IoT sensors. With full-stack development, Agile Dream Team can ensure these functions work together seamlessly.

    Healthcare App Development:

    Healthcare apps can cover everything from diagnostics and monitoring to health records. With full-stack development services, we also cover adherence to HIPAA privacy laws and other legal requirements.


    Utilities and energy company technicians need reliable user interfaces to check functions throughout the grid, and server-side data management and real-time collection are likewise vital for keeping systems online.

    Oil & Gas:

    Oil and gas software often includes multiple functions, including data collection from sensors and other operational information. Full-stack developers can integrate dashboards for controlling these features with high-quality back-end architecture.


    Our full-stack development process

    We use a proven, Agile-based approach for each project.
    Our methods ensure efficiency, costeffectiveness, and deliverables that provide expected benefits.

    • DNA

      We begin each project with an assessment of your current Agile mindset, IT architecture, and needs. With these insights, we can start planning a customized approach tailored especially for you.

    • Ballot

      We create a plan for full-stack development that meets both your front- and back-end requirements. We'll also provide details about benchmarks, timeframe, and deliverables.

    • Bulb

      Next, we choose an Agile approach for the project. Then, we deploy the engineers, developers, testers, and designers needed to handle every aspect of the development project. We also have a team of project managers to oversee the process.

    • Chart user

      We provide regular updates during the project. Methods like Scrum call for short sprints with coding and quality control steps. We update you after each of these sprints and make adjustments according to results and feedback. We can even bring in new professionals to meet evolving needs.

    • Stats

      After launching your application, we remain in contact and assist with updates, maintenance, and security checks.


    Our achievements

    Industry experts have awarded Agile Dream Team for our work in multiple specialty areas.
    We also earned praise for our skillful use of Agile approaches. Here is a look at this recognition:

    • Certificate - SAFe 6 Product Owner Product Manager
    • Certificate - SAFe® 5 Agilist
    • Certificate  SAFe® Release Train Enginee
    • Certificate - IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking - Practitioner
    • Certificate - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
    • Certificate - Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster
    • Partner logo - Scaled Agile, Inc - Scaled agile partner - Bronze

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    Full-stack developers handle every aspect of a development project. However, you need to carefully choose a company with experts able to perform the different steps needed for high-quality results. Agile Dream Team has a team of 200+ experts to cover every aspect of your full-stack development project. Contact us today to tell us about your goals using our online callback form, and we'll get back to you with a plan.

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    Full-stack developers handle every aspect of a development project. However, you need to carefully choose a company with experts able to perform the different steps needed for high-quality results. Agile Dream Team has a team of 200+ experts to cover every aspect of your full-stack development project. Contact us today to tell us about your goals using our online callback form, and we'll get back to you with a plan.

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      • What types of projects are best for full-stack development?

        Full-stack development is suited for projects of all sizes. It is especially useful for startups, companies on tight budgets, and projects requiring full-featured user interfaces. It's also valuable for prototyping and MVP development.

      • What is the difference between a full-stack developer and a UI or back-end developer?

        A full-stack developer can work on both the front end and back end, whereas specialized developers focus exclusively on either the client side or server side.

      • What are the tools and frameworks commonly used in full-stack development?

        Common tools and frameworks include Node.js, Express.js, React, Angular, Vue.js, and Django. The choice depends on the technology stack chosen.

      • What is the role of a full-stack developer in a software development team?

        A full-stack developer can take on various roles, from architecting the application to developing both front-end and back-end components, debugging, testing, and deploying.

      • Are full-stack developers more cost-effective than front-end or back-end services?

        Hiring a full-stack development service can be cost-effective, as you only need to pay for one developer or a small team who can handle various tasks. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and startups with budget constraints.

      • Does full-stack development work for MVP and prototyping projects?

        Full-stack developers are well-suited for quickly creating prototypes and minimum viable products, which is valuable for testing ideas and getting a product to market faster.

      • What are the key practices of full-stack development?

        Key principles include modular coding, version control, testing, documentation, and following industry standards for security and performance.

      • How can full-stack developers align both front-end and back-end elements?

        Regular communication, effective project management, and collaborative tools can help ensure alignment between the front-end and back-end development tasks. Continuous testing can also ensure full functionality.

      • What is the role of version control in full-stack development?

        Version control systems help manage and track changes to the codebase, facilitate collaboration, and allow developers to roll back changes if issues arise.

      • What is continuous integration (CI) in full-stack development?

        Continuous integration involves automating the build and testing process, ensuring that code changes are regularly integrated into the application, tested, and verified to maintain code quality and consistency.