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Agile Dream Team can take your outdated legacy systems into the next generation.

Our experts can transform your outdated software, applications, and IT infrastructure. We will give you tools and architecture that are more secure, more efficient, faster, and aligned with your current needs.

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Update your tech with our legacy modernization service

Your company may still rely on outdated technologies. These days, it can be hard to compete with companies using cloud-based systems. Delaying upgrades can hurt your business prospects. But, updating legacy systems can be intimidating.

With Agile Dream Team, this process can be easier and more cost-effective than you think. Our team of 200+ experts can preserve the past functions you have come to rely on every day. And, we can bring speed, power, and other cutting-edge traits of cloud, big data, and AI to your company.


Why companies choose Agile Dream Team

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    Customized services:

    We use Agile approaches like Scrum and SAFe to design and modernize services. These methods ensure the upgrades fit your requirements.

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    Detailed planning and goals:

    We offer transparent planning for our modernization projects. We'll tell you exactly what we plan to do. And, we list benchmarks and deliverables so you can compare our progress to our plans.

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    Access to skilled professionals:

    We have 200+ experts on our team. Combined, our knowledge stretches from UX/UI design to cloud platforms to SaaS development. If we need specialized help during your project, the right expert is only a call away.

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    Cost-effective solutions:

    We use Agile methodologies to streamline our development processes. We test and debug as we develop and deploy new systems. This strategy leads to fast but reliable results that cost less than other options.


Why do you need modernization?

There are several important benefits to legacy modernization:

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    Increased efficiency

    Today's businesses handle vast amounts of information. Also, they rely on speed and data-intensive processes for analytics, AI, and automation. With the right processes, power, and coding, modernized systems can deliver optimal performance. The speed and power are necessary to take advantage of cutting-edge tools.

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    Reduced risk

    Hackers often target legacy systems. They lack the sophisticated cybersecurity features necessary to detect and deter attacks. After modernization, your network and software will have stronger defenses. Also, legacy systems cannot handle updates meant to deal with new cyber threats. But, updates will reduce risk by making your system capable of using the latest cybersecurity tools.

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    Quicker market entry

    Modern infrastructure allows you to take full advantage of tools meant to streamline development. You can create more functional products and provide a better user experience and interfaces. Improvements like migrating to the cloud can also speed distribution, getting your product to the market much faster.

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    Simpler maintenance

    New systems are easier to update and debug. This is especially true of those built using continuous testing methods like Agile. But, legacy software and hardware are prone to breakdowns. Not only does modernization help you avoid these lapses, but it also ensures your company remains productive.

Overall, these modern improvements help you remain competitive in your industry.

Modernization process

We tailor our processes to meet the needs of each client. Here are the most common techniques we use for legacy modernization:

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    Code refactoring

    Code refactoring involves assessing your legacy code and finding areas for improvement. Our experts then simplify the code, remove duplicate lines, and delete unnecessary sections. We test our changes during this process to ensure you don't lose the necessary functions. These assessments ensure you get the improvements you expect.

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    Migration to modern platforms

    Modern platforms are faster, more secure, and able to handle larger amounts of data. These traits are necessary for companies in all industries. We ease this move and test for full functionality once the migration is done.

  • UI
    User interface update

    UI improvements take advantage of modern design trends and tools like React and Adobe XD. These changes are about more than visual appeal. UI/UX design can make systems easier to navigate and more intuitive. The improvements allow users to take full advantage of app and software features without a steep learning curve.

  • Cloud
    Cloud technology integration

    Cloud integration makes systems more accessible. Users can access software and tools with nothing but an internet or data connection. The cloud provides the ability to collaborate and use software from anywhere, improving efficiency and productivity for your company.


Our solutions

We offer different solutions depending on your needs.

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    architecture advisory

    Agile Dream Team can tell you how to improve your technical architecture to support modern software and tools. These changes will also bring better performance in terms of speed, accessibility, and data management.

  • Browser search Application discovery,
    assessment & planning

    At Agile Dream Team, we are familiar with tools available in various industries. We can assess your needsand find applications that meet them. Then, we plan how to integrate the applications into your ITinfrastructure. We can also help you decide if steps like cloud migration or platform upgrades arenecessary to accommodate your new software.

  • Data migration Data migration

    Data is often unsecured and difficult to access and transform in legacy systems. Data migration moves the information from your old databases to more modern warehouses. These new systems are more secure and easier to customize. Also, they work with integrations, such as data analytics tools.

  • Cloud Cloud Migration

    Legacy systems relying on mainframes or in-house servers may be too outdated to update. Even if they aren't, we can help you decide if cloud migration is a good solution. We can bring your operations to the cloud, increasing accessibility and improving security. Our experts can also use cloud integrations to modernize specific aspects of your system.

  • Widget Mainframe modernization

    Legacy systems often rely on mainframe computers. Mainframes are difficult to maintain and rely on outdated computer languages and databases. They are also hard to secure. Agile Dream Team can recode or update applications to bring modern functions to the mainframe. We can also improve data storage and add integrations, such as cloud-based applications.

    If necessary, we can even replace the mainframe with a modern system.

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Industries we serve

We can bring legacy modernization to different companies in different industries.

Media & Telecommunications:

Streaming and video messaging produce lots of data. They also need fast processing speeds. Modern technical infrastructure is essential in these sectors.

Technology & Startups:

Startups may try to cut costs by using older systems. However, cost- effective legacy migration could put newer tech within reach.


New systems are necessary for today's analytics tools. They can also host automated marketing software and ultra-secure payment processing.


Retailers may not get the best inventory, supply chain, sales tracking, and marketing tools if they rely on legacy systems.

Financial Services:

Financial services companies need cutting-edge security. Without it, they are unable to protect customers and manage sensitive data.

Fintech Software Development:

Fintech relies on AI, data analytics, cloud computing, and automation. These tools often require moving away from legacy systems.


Legacy modernization services can help medical care providers. The changes allow them to take advantage of advances in technology. Examples include medical sensors, electronic health records, and healthcare data analytics.

Custom Healthcare Development:

Customized solutions are limited by outdated systems.

Life Sciences:

Researchers rely on modern embedded systems to collect data. They also use software to handle information-intensive tasks like DNA sequencing.

Healthcare App Development:

Specialized applications may not function at all on legacy systems. Those that do may offer limited functionality.


Energy management platforms and software need to be secure and fast. Legacy modernization is essential to keep power flowing to customers.

Oil & Gas:

Advanced analytics, sensors, and automated processes need modernized platforms. Companies often pair this infrastructure with cutting-edge software.


Agile Dream Team's pathway to success

For our legacy migration service, we use proven pathways to ensure we provide personalized service.

  • DNA

    First, we assess your current systems and find areas for improvement. Also, we talk to you about your goals and technical requirements.

  • Ballot

    Second, we build a plan for software, platform, and application modernization. We strive to be transparent about our processes. To this end, we list benchmarks and deliverables.

  • Bulb

    Next, we decide which Agile method will work for your modernization project. We also contact our employees and deploy those with the right skills to complete your project.

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    We provide regular updates during the project so you know when your new systems will be ready to use.

Agile methodologies call for short bursts of work, followed by testing and reassessment of goals. This flexibility allows us and our clients to make adjustments if needed during the modernization project. Once the project is complete, we'll continue to offer support and guidance. Our goal is always to help you get the most out of your modernized systems.


Our achievements

Industry organizations have recognized Agile Dream Team for our quality work and skills.
We also have awards for our mastery of Agile methodologies. Here is a look at this recognition:

  • Certificate - SAFe 6 Product Owner Product Manager
  • Certificate - SAFe® 5 Agilist
  • Certificate  SAFe® Release Train Enginee
  • Certificate - IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking - Practitioner
  • Certificate - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
  • Certificate - Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster
  • Partner logo - Scaled Agile, Inc - Scaled agile partner - Bronze
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If you need to modernize to stay competitive, consider working with Agile Dream Team. Contact us today to tell us about your current system. You can fill out our callback form and provide details of your needs. We'll get back to you with a cost-effective and rapid legacy modernization plan.

Get in touch

If you need to modernize to stay competitive, consider working with Agile Dream Team. Contact us today to tell us about your current system. You can fill out our callback form and provide details of your needs. We'll get back to you with a cost-effective and rapid legacy modernization plan.

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    • How much does legacy modernization cost?

      Costs vary depending on the size of the project. Agile Dream Team offers cost-effective solutions like integrating new technologies into existing systems. Also, our Agile methodologies are efficient. The speed of work cuts down on costs and gets you back to full productivity levels quickly.

    • Why do companies opt for legacy modernization?

      Companies hire legacy modernization services to address vulnerabilities and performance problems. Not only are legacy systems slow, but they also have high maintenance costs. Hackers often target outdated systems because of their security vulnerabilities.

      Finally, legacy systems are sometimes incompatible with modern technology, such as AI, automation, cloud computing, and big data analytics.

    • Is it possible to use both legacy and modern systems?

      Agile Dream Team can create hybrid architectures with both legacy and modern systems. These hybrids are actually quite common. Integration tools and middleware connect old and new components. This connection allows them to work together.

    • What do you need for a successful legacy modernization effort?

      All projects should start with system assessments and careful planning. At Agile Dream Team, we start with these steps. Then, we define clear objectives and goals. Our Agile methods guarantee comprehensive testing and strong project management. We ensure that you have a scalable system. Finally, we provide support for ongoing maintenance and updates.