Agile Dream Team provides backend development services to integrate servers, databases, APIs, and security features into your software, website, application, or mobile app product.

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A trusted expert for backend development

Our team of 200+ specialists can handle any backend development project. If you need to strengthen existing systems or create new server-side architecture, we can deliver results. We begin each project by sitting down and discussing your business requirements. Then, we create a plan to meet your exact specification. We always deliver exactly what you need.


Backend development services we provide

  • Data migration Backend
    application development

    Agile Dream Team’s backend developers leverage cutting-edge technologies and best practices. Our experts have a deep understanding of various programming languages like Java and Python. We also use frameworks like Django, Flask, Node.js, and Spring Boot to create efficient and scalable systems.

  • Reload Full-cycle backend development

    Agile Dream Team provides full-cycle backend development services. We handle everything from concept and design to development, testing, and deployment. Before starting, we outline every stage of the development process for our clients. Then, we use Agile methodologies to create a smooth and efficient workflow. This approach allows us to deliver high-quality results faster.

  • Lock End-to-end

    Agile Dream Team enhances security measures throughout the development lifecycle. We do this to safeguard data and applications from potential threats. Our team uses encryption protocols, authentication methods, and regular security audits. With these steps, we guarantee backend systems are resilient against cyberattacks.

  • Elements

How you benefit from backend development services

  • Schema

    Professional backend development services guarantee that applications can handle growth. For instance, they can accommodate increases in number of users and amount of data. The efficient coding and architecture ensures that backend systems scale as businesses expand. This scalability provides a smooth user experience even during periods of high traffic.

  • Terminal

    Expert backend development enhances the performance of applications. We optimize database queries and minimize server loads. Also, by using the latest technologies, Agile Dream Team
    provides efficiency and functionality. Our tireless approach to testing and quality control results in faster response times and improved data security. We ensure you can access the functions you need to run your business processes.

  • Shield
    Data security

    Security is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Agile Dream Team’s professional backend development services install security protocols. We also deploy encryption techniques and authentication mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data. Regular security updates and audits fortify backend systems against potential cyber threats.

  • Union
    and flexibility

    Tailored backend solutions cater to specific business needs. Agile Dream Team’s developers analyze requirements and design custom backend architecture. This allows for flexibility in integrating the exact features and functionalities you need. This customization ensures applications are aligned with business objectives.


Why companies choose Agile Dream Team
for backend development

  • Group
    Expertise in diverse technologies

    Agile Dream Team's experts are masters of a wide array of backend technologies. From server-side languages to cutting-edge frameworks, we are adept in diverse tech stacks. Our talented roster allows us to deploy the most suitable professionals for each project.

  • Config
    Streamlined development processes

    Agile Dream Team’s Agile methodologies streamline development and ensure quality control. Approaches like Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe prioritize iterative development, collaboration, and adaptability. Because of their Agile mastery, our team can respond swiftly to changing project requirements.

  • Layout
    Customized solutions for every project

    Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, Agile Dream Team avoids one-size-fits-all solutions. Our experts work with clients to analyze specific requirements. This tailored approach ensures every backend solution meets your exact demands.

  • List
    A wide range of services

    Companies choose Agile Dream Team due to our proven track record with backend development projects. Our team also includes front-end developers, UX/UI designers, and full-stack specialists. Our company also includes CloudOps teams, AI/ML integration specialists, and blockchain experts. We are able to call on any of these pros if needed during your project.


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During our first conversations, we will provide details about our services and come up with a plan to address your needs.

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Technologies we use

  • Trello Agile Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe
  • NodeJS Django, Hibernate, and Node.js
  • PostgreSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Python Python, Java, and Typescript programming languages
  • Jest Testing tools like MochaJS, Jest, Jasmine, Karma, Puppeteer (Node Library), and NightwatchJS
  • Puppet Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes,
    and Ansible for DevOps management
    • Figma Adobe XD and Figma for UX/UI design
    • React ReactJS
    • Jira Jira, Confluence, and Google Suite
    • AWS AWS, Azure, and GCP for projects with cloud integrations
    • LMMS AI/ML frameworks like LMMS and OpenAI

    Industries we serve

    We apply our expertise in a wide range of industries, bringing backend development necessary
    for success in each sector.

    Technology & Startups:

    New companies need scalable, secure, and high-performance applications. The right backend architecture ensures efficient handling of the large volumes of data. This information is necessary for decision-making and growth management.

    Media & Telecommunications:

    CMSs, streaming platforms, and communication tools are essential in these sectors. Smooth content delivery, user authentication, and real-time communication enhance customer satisfaction.


    Backend development includes product databases, inventory, customer data, and payment gateways. Personalized user experiences, secure transactions, and efficient order processing increase sales and loyalty.


    Backend systems in retail handle inventory, supply chain, CRM, and sales integration. These solutions improve customer service and optimize stock levels. They also increase overall efficiency and profitability.

    Financial Services:

    Quality backend development affects secure transactions, regulatory compliance, and data analytics. Good architecture is necessary to power banking systems. It can also improve trading platforms and financial analytics tools. Finally, it enables real-time transactions, fraud detection, and personalized financial advice.

    Fintech Software Development:

    Backend systems handle payment processing, blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer lending. With AI, they can also bring features like robo-advising. These solutions improve financial accessibility, security, and efficiency. Skillful development services can help companies disrupt traditional financial services.


    Databases and servers help manage electronic health records (EHR) and patient data. They also help with appointment scheduling and billing systems. Backend systems ensure data security, interoperability, and compliance with healthcare standards like HIPAA.

    Healthcare App Development:

    Backend development in healthcare apps enables features like telemedicine consultations. It also facilitates remote patient monitoring and medication tracking. Well-designed systems ensure data confidentiality and real-time data synchronization. Finally, they offer seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers.

    Custom Healthcare Development:

    Specialized healthcare tools can help with diagnostics and patient monitoring. Also, they streamline billing and record keeping. Meanwhile, AI, blockchain, and other cutting-edge tools help improve patient outcomes.

    Life Sciences:

    Backend development supports data analysis, simulations, and research. AI-powered analytics software can process vast amounts of biological and chemical data. This
    helps facilitate drug discovery, genomic research, and clinical trials.


    Backend systems in the energy sector manage data. They collect information from sensors, monitoring equipment, and production processes. They optimize resource tracking, monitor equipment health, and enable predictive maintenance.

    Oil & Gas:

    Backend development for oil and gas companies provides tools for increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and better safety monitoring in extraction, pipeline, and refining operations.


    Our backend development process

    • List
      Requirements gathering:

      Agile Dream Team begins every backend project by learning your needs. We proceed with the project after we have a comprehensive understanding of your unique requirements. This phase involves defining server-side functionality. We also look at data storage needs and specific features or APIs.

    • Service
      Architecture and database design:

      We design backend architecture. And, we cover the server structure and components. We also outline database schema to ensure efficient data storage and management.

    • Plan

      Agile Dream Team’s experienced backend developers start working on server logic. We also cover APIs and seamless integration with the chosen database system. We use Agile methods to streamline and manage this step, continuously testing as we go to ensure full functionality.

    • Testing

      Rigorous testing is fundamental to ensure the backend functions. This includes unit testing, integration testing, and stress testing.

    • Security
      Optimization and security:

      The backend undergoes optimization for performance, scalability, and security. This step involves fine-tuning code and implementing robust security measures. We also set up backups and recovery procedures.

    • Analyse
      Deployment and maintenance:

      We deploy our backend creations to production servers. However, our partnership with our clients doesn't end there. Ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and updates are crucial. They ensure the system runs smoothly and address issues that may arise during its lifecycle.


    Our achievements

    Tech industry organizations have awarded Agile Dream Team for our work on backend projects and in our other specialty areas.
    We also gained recognition for our mastery of Agile methodologies. Here is a look at these awards:

    • Certificate - SAFe 6 Product Owner Product Manager
    • Certificate - SAFe® 5 Agilist
    • Certificate  SAFe® Release Train Enginee
    • Certificate - IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking - Practitioner
    • Certificate - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
    • Certificate - Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster
    • Partner logo - Scaled Agile, Inc - Scaled agile partner - Bronze

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    If you need expert end-to-end development, consider Agile Dream Team. Our team can handle every aspect of your project, from back-end development to UI design. Contact us today to tell us about your plans. You can use our callback form to provide details of your needs. We will respond with more information about our end-to-end development services and how we can bring your product to market quickly and cost-effectively.

    Get in touch

    If you need expert end-to-end development, consider Agile Dream Team. Our team can handle every aspect of your project, from back-end development to UI design. Contact us today to tell us about your plans. You can use our callback form to provide details of your needs. We will respond with more information about our end-to-end development services and how we can bring your product to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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      • What technologies are common in backend development?

        Common backend technologies include programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, and Node.js. It also relies on databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and NoSQL.

      • What is the difference between frontend and backend development?

        Frontend development focuses on creating the user interface and user experience. Meanwhile, backend development deals with server-side logic, data storage, and handling user requests.

      • Why do you need version control in backend development?

        Version control helps track changes to the codebase. It allows developers to collaborate with others and roll back changes if necessary. These features are necessary for code integrity and to create a base for updates and changes.

      • Are microservices useful in backend development?

        Microservices architecture involves breaking down a complex application into smaller, independent services. Then, you can develop, deploy, and scale independently without affecting the whole system.

      • What is an API in the context of backend development?

        An API is a set of protocols that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. It defines how data and functions get used by various applications in a backend system.