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Agile Dream Team refactors your monolithic applications to improve performance, scalability, security, compliance, and fault isolation.

Our team of specialists uses Agile approaches to break down your large codebases into smaller services. Reach out to us to improve scalability, increase security and privacy protections, and simplify application admin and management.

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Our experts re-architect monolithic systems for better performance

Our 200-strong team uses its mastery of Agile frameworks and technical expertise to refactor large applications into microservices. We also provide support to maintain these individual microservices.


Why companies choose Agile Dream Team

  • Config
    Seamless refactoring process using agile technologies

    At Agile Dream Team, we use Agile methodologies to ensure a smooth transition from monolith to microservices. The continuous cycles of development and testing bring strong applications from bottom to top.

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    Full transparency for every project

    We focus on transparency in every project. We're clear about the timeframe and benchmarks. Also, we will remain in contact with updates throughout the journey. Finally, we will give you a list of deliverables.

  • Piggy bank
    Cost-effective solutions

    Refactoring monolithic systems can be complex and costly. With Agile methodologies, we streamline the process. It will be both faster and more cost-effective. Also, you'll see results more quickly.

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    A full roster of skilled specialists

    We have a team of software engineers, coding specialists, and project managers. With a roster of 200+ specialists, we can build teams to ensure a successful monolith-to-microservices transformation.


Is it necessary to break down a
monolithic system into microservices?

Let's be honest. Your competitors are likely moving from monolithic architecture to a microservicesbased system.
Here are the reasons for such a switch.

  • Rocket
    Scalability and

    Monolithic architecture hampers your ability to scale and adapt software and hardware for your current processes. You need the speed and modular qualities of microservices so you can add and subtract applications as needed.

  • Clock
    Enhanced development

    The microservices we build allow for continuous improvements. With Agile frameworks in place, you can adapt and evolve applications to meet your current needs.

  • Apps

    With monolithic systems, a single point of failure can take vital processes offline. But, microservices bring fault-tolerance. With refactoring, we build independence into your microservices so you don't have to worry about one crash affecting multiple functions.

  • Layout
    Customization and

    Microservices leave you free to select the best applications for each process. Agile Dream Team will help you select the best software and platforms before we start refactoring.

  • Shield
    Security and

    Our team assesses and strengthens data and network security. We are familiar with security and privacy regulations and frameworks like HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI. If necessary, we can adapt your systems and software to ensure they comply with industry norms and national laws. We can also make changes to account for new hacking techniques that could threaten your business.


Process of monolith decomposition

The process of changing a monolith into microservices can vary.
But you can expect a consistent approach from Agile Dream Team.

  • Analyse
    Analysis and assessment

    We perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing monolithic system. Our experts test its architecture and develop a list of challenges and opportunities. Once we have these insights, we can start planning the job.

  • Service
    Service identification

    Next, we pinpoint the components of your monolithic system to remake into microservices. We assess your processes and decide how to turn them into microservices. This step is necessary to make a clear timeline for the transition.

  • Plan
    Data separation

    We start by migrating your integrated data. We transfer it from the monolith and guarantee its integrity during the project.

  • Api
    API design

    APIs are essential for cross-functionality in a microservice-based system. We design and develop these APIs to ensure clear interactions. Our API development experts ensure that your microservices-based architecture is always reliable.

  • Testing

    Thorough testing is vital to the success of every development project. The continuous testing of Agile helps us perfect each line of code.

  • Monitoring
    Monitoring and maintenance

    Unlike many dev services, our microservices development isn't a one-time thing; it's an ongoing process. Agile Dream Team manages monitoring, updates, and maintenance. Or, we can train you in the Agile mindset to handle these processes yourself. Whatever you choose, our support ensures you get the highest level of productivity throughout the application lifecycle.

We also handle updates to ensure continued compliance with regulations like HIPAA.


Our services

We help with end-to-end refactoring. Or, if you need it, we can work on specific aspects of a transition to microservices.

  • Widget Full-stack development

    We can work with Java, Node.js, and Python to build efficient and reliable microservices.

  • Computer UX/UI design

    We can improve interfaces so users have a more intuitive experience.

  • File Testing services

    We can oversee continuous testing. We can test and debug code for each microservice. We also assess APIs and verify seamless integration for each microservice.

  • Cloud CloudOps

    We can take your new microservices to the cloud. This step increases accessibility and security. It also takes away the costs and headaches of maintaining your own hardware.

  • Apps add Code refactoring

    We can clean up the code of existing microservices. This step increases efficiency and makes maintenance easier.

  • Elements

Ready to discuss your project?

If you want the advantages of microservices, Agile Dream Team can help. Contact us with details about your monolithic system and your plans for changing it. We will get back to you quickly with ideas for how to proceed.

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Industries we serve

We can bring legacy modernization to different companies in different industries.

Media & Telecommunications:

With microservices, you can separate different functions. Dataintensive features like video streaming will not slow down other services.

Technology & Startups:

Speed and flexibility are essential for startups. The transition to microservices brings the most flexibility, allowing fast changes.


Online sellers need to serve customers on an increasing number of platforms. Monoliths cannot always accommodate these different systems. Refactoring to microservices provides the ability to add and subtract features as needed.


Retailers need many different processes. They have to track inventory and process payments. The same system might also analyze sales data and run marketing campaigns. With APIs, you can use microservices for these functions while still sharing data.

Financial Services:

Financial services companies need frequent security updates. However, other aspects of their systems do not need regular updates. We also verify that the microservices comply with SOC2 and PCI regulations.

Fintech Software Development:

Fintech companies often add new components to their products. Microservices make AI, analytics, and automation tools easier to incorporate. You can make these changes without upsetting the entire system. Also, we adapt microservices to meet new or existing security demands.


Healthcare providers need different features at their fingertips. Microservices make it easier to manage the many data-intensive functions. Medical professionals need these tools when caring for patients.

Custom Healthcare Development:

Medical specialists need unique tools to diagnose and treat patients. A flexible system of microservices makes incorporating these new tools much easier. Of course, we verify that these new tools meet HIPAA requirements.

Life Sciences:

Researchers need analytics, data collection, and sensors in life science research. These tools can bog down a monolithic system. They need a new IT architecture that allows them to function without data bottlenecks.

Healthcare App Development:

Specialized applications can help medical practitioners track and treat patients. The ability to update these tools without upsetting the entire system or violating HIPAA guidelines is important.


Energy management systems need to be flexible and responsive. The lack of speed and complex maintenance of monolith systems can lead to power failures. The simplified maintenance of microservices is essential for this industry.

Oil & Gas:

Microservices can help oil and gas companies maintain and update applications. These tools assist with functions like analytics, exploration, and automation.


Agile Dream Team's pathway to success

Here is a look at the steps Agile Dream Team takes when we re-architect a monolithic system.

  • DNA
    Initial consultation:

    We get information about your existing monolithic system. Our experts will speak with you to learn what functions you need to keep.

  • Ballot

    We outline the areas we will transform into microservices. Then, we offer a detailed plan for the process. We also create a timeline and list of deliverables.

  • Transformation

    We use Agile methodologies to guide each development cycle step. We recode and test in short sprints. This allows us to ensure each layer of your system is perfect.

  • Chart user
    Support and maintenance:

    The transition to microservices is an ongoing journey. Agile Dream Team can provide support and insights to help you get the most out of your new applications. We handle updates, security challenges, or debugging as needed.


Our achievements

Industry organizations have recognized Agile Dream Team for our quality work and skills.
We also have awards for our mastery of Agile methodologies. Here is a look at this recognition:

  • Certificate - SAFe 6 Product Owner Product Manager
  • Certificate - SAFe® 5 Agilist
  • Certificate  SAFe® Release Train Enginee
  • Certificate - IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking - Practitioner
  • Certificate - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
  • Certificate - Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster
  • Partner logo - Scaled Agile, Inc - Scaled agile partner - Bronze
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Ready to move from monolithic systems to microservices? Agile Dream Team can help you take the next step. Contact us today to discuss your monolith refactoring needs. You can reach out to us or fill out our contact form. We will get back to you and share our ideas for your transformation.

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Ready to move from monolithic systems to microservices? Agile Dream Team can help you take the next step. Contact us today to discuss your monolith refactoring needs. You can reach out to us or fill out our contact form. We will get back to you and share our ideas for your transformation.

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    • Why should I consider transitioning from a monolithic system to microservices?

      Transitioning from a monolithic system to microservices offers several benefits. These include scalability and faster development cycles. They also enhance reliability and flexibility in technology choices and expansions.

    • How long does the monolith-to-microservices transition process typically take?

      In addition to mobile app development, Agile Dream Team offers SaaS product development. We can handle scale-up projects for legacy systems, PoC and MVP support, and full-stack development services. We also work on AI and machine learning support, and UI/UX design. Finally, we can handle cloud platform projects and help companies refactor mishandled projects.

    • What is the cost associated with monolith refactoring services?

      We have 200+ specialists from around the world. Our team includes Scrum Masters, project managers, software engineers, and full-stack developers. We also have UX/UI designers, quality assurance testers, and CloudOps experts.

    • How do I know if my business is a candidate for monolith refactoring?

      Agile frameworks improve the efficiency and reliability of development projects. They also provide flexibility. The short sprints allow frequent benchmarking. It also provides stopping points that the team can use to make adjustments.