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Agile Dream Team's IoT services help you harness the power of the Internet of Things. Our
teams assist you with data collection,
connectivity, and security. We also build systems for automation and robust analytics platforms.

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Our IoT experts can handle every aspect of IoT deployment and management. We help with technology selections and connections using cellular, Wi-Fi, or LPWAN networks. Also, we ensure compliance and security, which is essential for IoT devices.

IoT systems often need customized solutions. Agile Dream Team can use APIs and development frameworks to tailor device management platforms and dashboards to fit your needs. We integrate these tools into your existing analytics or database systems so that you can automate functions and extract value out of collected data.

As with all services, we use Agile approaches like Scrum to ensure efficiency, quality, and reliability. When you work with Agile Dream Team, you can have confidence in your IoT system.


IoT services

  • Data migration IoT technology consulting

    Agile Dream Teams technology consulting team helps you get the best ROI on your IoT investments. Our experts assess your company's processes and goals. We help you select sensors and devices to meet those needs. Also, our team finds communication protocols, networks, and backend platforms to ensure efficiency and security.

    Often, an IoT system does not work as needed out of the box. Our consultants guide you in customizing solutions using APIs and frameworks. Also, we can integrate new IoT devices or functionality into your existing networks and protocols.

  • Apps IoT software enhancement

    Often, existing IoT software handles basic processes. However, it may not be able to handle your specific needs. Or, it might not keep up with new advances, such as AI integrations, big data, or 5G or Wi-Fi 6e connections.

    Our team can assess your needs and offer enhancements. These could be AI integrations, new network protocols, or developments using APIs. These improvements increase speed and functionality. You will get maximum value out of your IoT systems.

  • Grid IoT data management
    & analytics

    We develop systems for collecting, aggregating, and integrating data from sensors and IoT devices. Our experts build data storage and management systems using PostgreSQL, Elastic, S3, MongoDB, or AWS Aurora.

    We also assess your analytics needs. Our teams help with advanced functions. For instance, we can use frameworks like LLMS and OpenAI to integrate AI and machine learning functions. These can fine-tune and automate analysis.

    Finally, we take advantage of IoT data to create low-latency systems. These allow real-time or near-real-time analysis.

  • Reload Full-cycle IoT solutions development

    Our IoT team has the skills to handle all aspects of solutions development projects. We cover everything from concept to development to deployment and ongoing maintenance. We analyze requirements and perform feasibility studies if needed. Then, our team selects hardware and develops software solutions.

    We test our solutions thoroughly to ensure devices, protocols, networks, and platforms are properly integrated. In addition to backend and database development, we also work on dashboards for data visualization and ELT functions. Our full-cycle services continue after deployment. We perform maintenance and updates, which are essential for functionality and security.

  • Computer Visualization & UX

    Our UI/UX teams create user-facing applications such as dashboards. We use tools like Figma and Adobe XD to build and test interfaces. Meanwhile, software like Tableau helps create data visualization systems. Our teams listen to your needs and create UIs that allow you to organize and visualize data as needed. We create wireframes and prototypes so that you can test functionality before full deployment.

  • Elements

Why companies choose Agile Dream Team
for IoT services

  • Group
    Capabilities for any IoT project:

    Our team has 200+ professionals. Our engineers, AI experts, developers, and project managers can handle any IoT project. We will give you the infrastructure needed to get full value from your sensors and devices.

  • Layout
    A collaborative approach:

    Our IoT projects are guided by Agile principles. Collaboration is at the core of these methodologies. You will have opportunities to provide feedback and make adjustments during prototyping, development, and deployment.

  • Config
    Advanced technologies:

    We use cutting-edge technologies for IoT projects. You can enjoy the benefits of automation and testing systems without having to invest in software or hardware yourself.

  • Dataflow
    An understanding of the latest trends:

    Our teams understand the latest trends. We know which ones will work for you. We'll tell you if 5G connectivity will meet your needs. Or, we can help you decide if magnetic RAM (MRAM) is the best memory type for your sensors. We won't push you toward the latest tech unless it helps you achieve your aims.


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Technologies we use

  • LTE Cellular networks, including LTE and 5G
  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6 and 6e and LPWAN
  • AWS AWS, GCP, and Azure for cloud setup
  • Cloud Cloud-native data warehouses
  • MongoDB NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra
  • CPU CPU, MCU, and edge gateways
    • Apache Big data platforms (e.g., Apache Kafka, Spark)
    • Azure Edge computing platforms like Azure IoT Edge
      and AWS IoT Greengrass
    • Google cloud Real-time data streams for analytics
    • Phone Device management protocols like LwM2M
    • REST RESTful APIs

    Industries we serve

    Media & Telecommunications:

    IoT developments drive advancements in edge computing and smart devices. Companies also develop products for AR/VR and other advanced hardware.

    Technology & Startups:

    Startups need scalable IoT systems. Modular designs allow these companies to expand as they grow and adopt new technologies.


    E-commerce retailers can use smart tags to track inventory and streamline order fulfillment. They can also help customers get real-time updates on shipping.


    Retailers use a wide range of IoT systems. These include inventory tracking and anti-theft devices. Sensors can also be used in stores to improve efficiency and collect data.

    Financial Services:

    Financial services companies can develop programs to accept smart payments. Telematics can also assist in analysis for auto or home insurance.

    Fintech Software Development:

    Fintech companies use sensors and devices for easy identification. Wearables and biometric readers can help verify customers' identities.


    Healthcare providers use IoT sensors to monitor patients in real-time. Devices can also assess conditions in hospitals or help locate equipment.

    Custom Healthcare Development:

    Healthcare providers need specific information from IoT devices. They need the right platform, protocols, and hardware to provide the necessary insights.

    Life Sciences:

    Researchers need platforms that can collect and analyze data from IoT sensors. Algorithms and AI integrations can assist in research by automating aspects of analysis.

    Healthcare App Development:

    Healthcare apps put IoT data at patients' and providers' fingertips. They require robust cloud-based platforms to perform and offer real-time insights.


    Utilities and energy companies rely on IoT sensors to monitor power supply. Devices can also send alerts about outages. Often, technicians can collect data in the field to diagnose problems before they arrive.

    Oil & Gas:

    Oil and gas companies can use IoT sensors to safely monitor operations. These devices provide real-time data without the need for human observers.


    Our process

    • List

      We start every relationship with an assessment of your IT architecture. We may also gather data on your current setup to find areas for improvement.

    • Ballot

      We create a plan and conduct feasibility studies if needed.

    • Chart user

      We select an Agile method or create a hybrid framework for your project.

    • Transformation

      We begin development of your IoT platform, programs, or enhancements.

    • Stats

      Our Agile frameworks break projects into multiple iterations, called sprints. After each one, we assess performance and get feedback from you and the project stakeholders. We make adjustments before continuing with the next sprint.

    • Shield

      We deploy your systems and can continue to monitor them and provide security updates.


    Our achievements

    We earn recognition for our work in IoT and our other specialties. This praise comes from industry organizations and clients.
    Here is a look at a list of our awards.

    • Certificate - SAFe 6 Product Owner Product Manager
    • Certificate - SAFe® 5 Agilist
    • Certificate  SAFe® Release Train Enginee
    • Certificate - IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking - Practitioner
    • Certificate - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
    • Certificate - Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster
    • Partner logo - Scaled Agile, Inc - Scaled agile partner - Bronze

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    Do you want to take full advantage of recent IoT advances? Use our callback form to tell us about your plans and current IoT systems and protocols. We will get back to you with details about how our IoT teams can help.

    Get in touch

    Do you want to take full advantage of recent IoT advances? Use our callback form to tell us about your plans and current IoT systems and protocols. We will get back to you with details about how our IoT teams can help.

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