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Agile Dream Team chooses from 200+ specialists to give your team the skills it needs for successful project completion.

At Agile Dream Team, we provide IT staff augmentation services by relying on our deep talent pool. We assess your staffing needs and deploy people with the skill sets needed to meet them.

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What Is
staff augmentation?

Every company has talent gaps. As new challenges arise, you need people with different skills to solve problems and make advances. Our IT staff augmentation company can help you strike a perfect balance between project progress and cost-effectiveness. We can scale your team up and down based on your current needs. When you rely on us, you avoid costly and time-consuming recruitment and onboarding. Instead of these hiring delays, you can get right down to work.


Why companies choose Agile Dream Team

We bring advantages you can't access with in-house hiring or from staffing agencies.
Here is a look at the main reasons tech companies and IT departments choose us:

  • Group
    We have experts in every important specialty

    Whether you need software engineers, UX designers, project managers, full-stack developers, CloudOps engineers, AI/ML experts, or Scrum Masters, we have you covered.

  • List
    We listen to your needs and build a team around them

    Unlike many consulting firms, we actually listen to your plans and goals. Then, we build a team around them. We submit a detailed plan explaining how our staffing solutions will meet your needs.

  • Config
    We can adapt to changes

    During the project, you have access to all our resources. If you need a specialist to perform a specific task, we can find someone from our 200+ experts.

  • Layout
    We bring Agile methodologies to your team

    These project frameworks create efficient processes and use continuous development and testing cycles. With these approaches, you get more reliable results in less time than you might expect.


Benefits of staff augmentation

You can enjoy specific benefits if you rely on Agile Dream Team for staff augmentation:

  • Group

    We provide flexibility. With Agile Dream Team, you can scale your team up or down as needed. These staffing changes do not require hiring and laying off employees. We help you adjust to the needs of your project immediately, so you can stay on track and avoid delays.

  • Piggy bank

    Staff augmentation is cost-effective. You only pay for what you need when you need it. And with Agile Dream Team, you get pros with the exact skills you need. In other words, you get more value from our staff augmentation services than you would from hiring in-house. Also, you can choose between onshore and offshore teams. The competitive rates for both these options allow effective budget optimization.

  • Union

    With staff augmentation, you can add new features to your software and applications. Our experts can take your software to the cloud or add AI and automation capabilities. Even if you already have a skilled development team, our pros can help add features that would otherwise be outside of your capabilities. Also, we develop microservices, modules, and services to increase the efficiency of your core team.

  • Apps empty

    Staff augmentation facilitates knowledge transfer. Our teams have mastered Agile methods. We can help you employ these approaches to create a more efficient development process. With this support, you can incorporate these practices into current and future work.


Our solutions

We can tailor staff augmentation services to meet your needs.

  • Clock Short-term staff augmentation

    Perhaps you only need specialists for one aspect of a specific project. We can supply you with the skilled pros necessary to get the job done. In addition to augmenting existing teams, we can build our own team to handle short-term projects, such as developing microservices or systems, migrating your operation to the cloud, or testing and debugging a SaaS product.

  • Wall clock Long-term
    extended team

    Your company might need ongoing support for a series of development projects or help building and maintaining an application. We can build a team to help you in the long term. In addition to handling the technical aspects of the work, our teams can bring knowledge of Agile methods to your company. We can improve overall efficiency, increase quality, and create a framework for continuous improvement throughout a software lifecycle.

  • Options Vendor transition

    If you move to a new IT vendor, you may need specialists to help with the transition. Our teams can handle data migration, re-integrate applications, and test and validate the new systems. We can also assess the new infrastructure and monitor performance to ensure it meets your specifications.

  • Reload Digital

    As companies move operations to the digital realm, they need experts temporarily to handle the transfer of processes. We can do this and ensure your new software and platforms are customized to fit your needs. With our staff augmentation services, we can bring specialists to your team as needed. Also, we can train staff in the use of Agile methodologies and ensure they can maintain the digital tools over the long term.


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IT staff augmentation process

Staff augmentation can help you bridge skills gaps.
While we tailor our services to fit your needs, we often follow a similar process for each job.

  • Analyse
    Assessment and planning

    We listen to your needs and concerns. Then, we help you define your goals. With these insights, we can then create a staffing plan.

  • Service
    Ongoing assessments

    After we start the project, we will continue to communicate with you. If your needs change, we can
    add or subtract team members.

  • Plan
    Code refactoring

    Staff augmentation often involves improvements like
    code refactoring. We assess your current software and applications. Then, we look for areas to simplify code
    and delete duplicate lines. In the end, you will have code that is more efficient and easier to maintain.

  • UI
    Migration to modern platforms

    Digital transformations or upgrades often involve moving operations online or to the cloud. Our staff can help your IT team make these transitions. For example, we can configure and test applications to ensure functionality.

  • Testing
    User interface updates

    Another common task involves improving UX and UI design. Our designers can improve your interfaces and create more initiative experiences for users with tools like ReactJS, Adobe XD, and Figma.

  • Cloud
    Cloud migration

    Our staff augmentation services connect you with
    experts able to migrate your operation to a cloud-native system.


Technologies we use

Our staff has expertise in a variety of technologies:

  • Figma Adobe XD and Figma
  • React ReactJS
  • DevOps DevOps tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Docker,
    Terraform, Kubernetes, and Ansible
  • React AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud platforms
  • Python Python, Java, and Typescript programming languages
    • Jira Jira, Confluence, and Google Suite
    • GIT Django, Hibernate, and Node.js
    • LMMS LMMS and OpenAI
    • Trello Agile Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe

    Industries we serve

    We can bring legacy modernization to different companies in different industries.

    Media & Telecommunications:

    From media streaming to voice messaging and video calls, this industry is one of the fastest-growing tech spaces.

    Technology & Startups:

    Our staff augmentation services can fill skills gaps for new companies with small teams.


    If you are adding to your e-commerce system, we can help with specialized tasks like payment integration or cloud migration.


    Retail software can now include advanced analytics and cutting-edge inventory tracking. Our staff can help integrate these powerful tools.

    Financial Services:

    Financial services platforms need specialized knowledge to ensure functionality and to meet security requirements.

    Fintech Software Development:

    Our team can add features like AI, advanced data analytics, cloud computing, and automation to your cloud computing applications.


    We can help healthcare providers and developers digitize processes and take operations to the cloud for better access.

    Custom Healthcare Development:

    Medical software often requires very specific features. We can fill the skill gaps that form when you undertake challenging healthcare development projects.

    Life Sciences:

    Our team includes data experts and specialists who can integrate sensors and other IoT devices into your research platform.

    Healthcare App Development:

    Our staff can help your team with specific aspects of healthcare development. For instance, we can help with cloud access or ensure compliance with HIPAA privacy rules.


    Utilities and energy companies rely on software to manage operations. When one bug can cause a power outage, you need refactoring expertise and ongoing testing to ensure performance at all times.

    Oil & Gas:

    Advanced analytics, embedded sensors, and automated drilling are becoming indispensable for oil and gas companies. Our team can help you integrate these features into your products.


    Agile Dream Team's pathway to success

    We follow the same proven steps for all our services:

    • Ballot

      We assess your needs and plans. Then, we create staffing solutions that fill skills gaps and allow you to meet your aims.

    • Bulb

      Next, we select an Agile approach that best fits your tasks. We select team members who have mastered the chosen methodology.

    • Chart user

      We provide ongoing support to our clients. We check in to assess our team's performance. Also, we can deploy other workers from our roster of 200+ specialists.

    • Transformation

      Our teams use Agile methodology. These approaches feature frequent testing and assessments. You can check progress and make your adjustments at each interval.


    Our achievements

    Organizations and satisfied clients have recognized Agile Dream Team
    for our quality work and mastery of Agile methodologies. Here's a look at this recognition:

    • Certificate - SAFe 6 Product Owner Product Manager
    • Certificate - SAFe® 5 Agilist
    • Certificate  SAFe® Release Train Enginee
    • Certificate - IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking - Practitioner
    • Certificate - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
    • Certificate - Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster
    • Partner logo - Scaled Agile, Inc - Scaled agile partner - Bronze

    Get in touch

    Are you ready to make significant changes or fill skills gaps? Agile Dream Team can provide you with experienced specialists. We can help you meet your tech goals and improve operations. Contact us today to tell us your needs, and we'll get back to you with details about how we can help.

    Get in touch

    Are you ready to make significant changes or fill skills gaps? Agile Dream Team can provide you with experienced specialists. We can help you meet your tech goals and improve operations. Contact us today to tell us your needs, and we'll get back to you with details about how we can help.

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      • Is staff augmentation different from outsourcing?

        A staff augmentation company has professionals to work directly with the company's in-house teams. Outsourcing companies take full control of projects and deliver a finished product.

      • Does staff augmentation save money?

        Staff augmentation company services can be cost-effective. You avoid long-term hiring costs. Also, you aren't responsible for benefits and other extras. You also get the exact services you need.

      • Does staff augmentation work for startups and small businesses?

        Yes, Agile Dream Team works well with startups and SMBs. We offer access to a broad range of expertise. You can use our skills and resources to build your operations and products. When doing so, you do not have to worry about salaries or long-term commitments.

      • What Agile methodologies do your staff augmentation professionals know?

        Our staff members are masters of Agile Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and other Agile approaches. They also have the expertise to create hybrid approaches when needed.